Cycas lisse

Terracotta pot, handmade in our workshops in Aubagne in Provence, with natural clay :

sober design and smooth aspect, without collar, it exists from 10 to 115cm high.

Perfect for contemporary gardens.

It is perfect for many plants such as boxwood, but also citrus fruits, olive trees, palm trees...

Very easy to plant, it is a safe choice.

  • Moka
  • Terre cuite
  • Terre blanche
Disponibilité :

Height 35cm, 45cm, 50cm, 65cm, 80cm, 115cm

Outside Ø 32cm, 41cm, 45cm, 57cm, 70cm, 105cm

Weight 8kg, 17kg, 25kg, 38kg, 56kg, 150kg

Capacity 17l, 40l, 54l, 120l, 238l, 828l

Ø Saucer 30cm, 34cm, 38cm, 47cm, 58cm, -cm sold separately

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