Jarre Provençale

She's the matron of the gardens!  Belly, round and warm, 

she's the embodiment of Provence all by herself.

Hand-moulded in our factory in Aubagne, Provence, in French Terracotta,

it is a must by the pool, in an alcove or on a terrace.

Formerly a food container, today they are the perfect containers for flowering plants that fall or climb. 

  • Terre cuite
Disponibilité :

It is advisable when choosing a jar that is more than 50 cm high,

to also buy a jar inside the jar that will rest on the collar. (consult us)

This "inside jar" will have the advantage of reducing the amount of soil to be brought in, and of easily sheltering your plant from the winter.

Height 35cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm

Weight 7kg, 18kg, 23kg, 38kg, 65kg

Capacity 15l, 40l, 65l, 80l, 150l

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